captain of a sailing boat in NYC harbor landscape photograph of autumn leaves swirling in a stream portrait of sisters photograph of a 1969 Shelby Mustang GT350 unique outdoor engagment portrait in city setting landscape photograph of sunrise at a calm mountain lake outdoor portrait of young woman landscape photograph of sunrise at St Mary Lake in Glacier National Park outdoor portrait of a young woman high school senior portrait landscape photograph of a roadway in autumn diptych of maternity couple and newborn baby portraits
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Distinctive Portraits
Whether you are looking for a professional headshot, a senior portrait that you can be proud of, a special engagement or couple's session, a killer look for your band, or the ideal visual to promote you and your business, Ed can work with you in studio or on location to create your perfect image.
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Fine Art Landscapes
The world around us resonates with awe inspiring beauty and wonder. Ed has traveled both near and far to find and capture spectacular moments that only nature provides, so that you can fill that blank space in your home or office with a stunning reminder of what waits outside the door.
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Classic muscle, hot rod, sports car, the latest technology, or a custom creation that defies categories: you've invested your time and money to drive something that moves you in more ways than one. Ed will work with you to make a singular image that captures the heart and soul of your ride.
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